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Platform Truck With Scissor Lift

5 Ton Capacity
Most versatile vehicle for load carrying capacity of 5 Ton & lifting the load upto a height of 14 feet from ground level. This vehicle in most suitable for handling a wide variety of loads such as forklifts, Tractors, Machines & equipments. Generators & transportation of Cars tractors etc. to various height.

Platform Length 20 ft.
Platform Width 2235 m
Platform Thickness 3.0mm thk CKD floor
Rear Approach Plate Wedge tip
Winch Rating 2.5 ton
Cable Diameter & Length 10mm x 25mtr
Transfer Height 4250mm

Standard Features
  • Hydraulic lift of rear ramp vertically
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Hydraulic Openable ramp
  • Safety belts
  • Tool compartment
  • Snatch block

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