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Mechanical Wreckers

2 Ton Mechanical Wreckers

The smallest single boom model BWGN-7A wrecker is most versatile, proven in recovery of light vehicles, e.g. car, SUV, LMW etc. It is swift to move for recovery in narrow roads of metro cities.

5 Ton Mechanical Wreckers

The most rugged and versatile model BWGN-7 with twin swiveling booms wrecker is the most popular wrecker for recovery and towing breakdown vehicles e.g. Buses, trucks and trailer upto 5 Tons capacity. Commonly in use by Road transport corp., Police department, city municipal corp.

7.5 Ton Mechanical Wreckers

This model BWGN-7C wrecker is specially designed to under take various recovery tasks in all areas. Currently in use by Indian army and other countries Army and defence departments.

15 Ton Mechanical Wreckers

The 15 Tons capacity heavy duty recovery equipment is the largest & heaviest recovery wrecker & has been designed for recovery operations in steep ghats, plains, deserts & high altitude areas. If efficiently rightens the overturned vehicles, lifts and shifts the disabled vehicles for repairs.

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