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7.5 Ton Mechanical Wreckers


7.5 Tons light recovery wrecker is specifically designed to undertake various recovery tasks which involve extraction of disabled casualty vehicles, rightening of overturned vehicles, handing operations and towing (both straight and suspended broken down vehicles) has been inducted in operations after rigorous trials in deserts terrains, mountains, high altitude areas and plains. The Wrecker Equipment's aggregates and accessories provide speed and safety in executing various wrecker operations. The power drive to load cables being mechanical, is reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain.
Maximum lifting capacity each boom 7.5 tons
Maximum reach at sides 3480 mm
Maximum reach at near most 450 mm
Clear lift of sides at minimum reach. 2.5 tons
Overall width of Wrecker. 2500 mm
Height above truck frame. 1800 mm
Boom heal to centre line of boom sheave yoke. 4145 mm
Boom swing vertically. 75o
Boom swing horizontally. 180o
Wire rope dia. 14mm
Breaking strength of wire rope. 13 Tons
Base drum pulling capacity single line each winch. 7.5 Tons
Load line drum capacity. 100 Mtrs.
Boom End Cable. 15 Mtrs.
Wrecker weight with standard equipment. 2.8 Tons approx.
Speed of the Winch at 800 RPM of PTO per minute. 1.5 Mtrs./P.M. Approx.

Optional Tools And Accessories
Tow chain (2 nos.)
Flag post (2 nos.)
Searchlight (2 nos.)
Boom light (1 no.)
Wooden block (8 nos.)
A set of snatch block (2 nos.)
Tool box (2 nos.)
Crank Handle (1 no.)
First aid box (1 no.)
Water Tank (1 no.)
Siren (1 no.)
Towing Hitch Assembly (1 no.)
Driver & Crew Cabin (1 no.)
Solid Front Bumper of 450 Kgs. (1 no.)

Special Features
  • To dig out itself when bogged down in mud throughout self recovery mechanism specifically provided.
  • Vehicle engine speed can be controlled from the rear side of the Vehicle during recovery. Pulling and load lifting operations.
  • Has a capacity to lift and move with casualty vehicle of16tonsGVW.
  • The crew cabin is easily accessible from sides of the Vehicle. It provides protection to the crew against rain and heat of the sun with storage arrangement.
  • A torque limiter slipping clutch is a protective device which limits the toque transmitted in drive system and prevents damage to the wrecker.

Chassis Requirements
  • Any chassis of minimum pay load of 12 tons e.g. TATA 1613, AL1613, Eicher 20.16

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