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5 Ton Mechanical Wreckers


This modern, rugged & versatile with twin swivelling booms Wrecker Equipment is the most popular Wrecker for recovery & towing breakdown vehicles e.g. Buses, Trucks & Trailer upto 5 tons capacity. It is also suitable to lift & shift loads in the factory premises.
Maximum lifting capacity each boom 5 Tons
Maximum reach at sides 3480 mm
Maximum reach at rear most 450 mm
Clear lift of sides at minimum reach. 2 Tons
Overall width of Wrecker. 2385 mm
Height above truck frame. 1700 mm
Boom heal to centre line of boom sheave yoke. 3760 mm
Boom swing vertically. 180o
Boom swing horizontally. 75o
Wire rope dia. 12/13 mm
Breaking strength of wire rope. 10 Tons
Base drum pulling capacity single line each winch. 5.5 Tons
Load line drum capacity. 75 Mtrs.
Boom End Cable. 15 Mtrs.
Wrecker weight with standard equipment. 2.5 Tons approx.
Speed of the Winch at 800 RPM of PTO per minute. 3.3 Mtrs./P.M. Approx.

Optional Tools And Accessories
Tow chain (2nos.)
Flag post (2 nos.)
Searchlight (1 nos.)
Boom light (2 nos.)
Wooden block (8 nos.)
A set of snatch block (2 nos.)
Tow bar (2 nos.)
Tool box (1 no.)
Crank Handle (1no.)
First aid box (1no.)
Towing Hitch Assembly (1no.)
Driver & Crew Cabin (1 no.)

Special Features
  • Efficiency, reliability & quality standards.
  • Sturdy platform built for maximum stability & efficiency.
  • For safety sheer pin device is provided in sprocket of gear box with breaking strength of wrecker load lifting capacity.

Chassis Requirements
  • Any chassis of 180" to 210" wheel base. Minimum pay load of chassis should be 9 tons. e.g. AL Comet - 912-1112 and 1312JATA-1613, 1213, Eicher 10.9 and 11.0

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