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15 Tons Hydraulic Wrecker


15 Tons Hydraulic Light Recovery equipment with dual hydraulic winch, full power two stage boom extendable.
Hydraulic Recovery Vehicle- Superstructure specifications
WRECKER BOOM Boom Length from center of Rotation
3.75m 4.50m 5.50m 6.30m
Boom lifting rating @ 0° 9.8t 6.4t 4.7t 3.9t
Boom lifting rating @ 30° 12.0t 8.4t 6.0t 4.9t
Boom lifting rating @ 60° 20.1t 14.0t 12.2t 6.9t
Boom Minimum working angle
Boom Maximum working angle 60°
Boom Rotation 210°
A Boom Reach off rear of tailboard (boom @0°) 2.87m
B Boom Working Height (boom@60°) 7.65m
C Boom Working Radius (boom @60° )-Retracted 1.59m
D Boom Working Radius (boom @60°)-Extended 2.86m
E Boom Working Radius (boom @0° )-Retracted 3.54m
F Boom Working Radius (boom @0°)-Extended 6.08m
G Outrigger Maximum Spread 4.29m
H Outrigger Maximum Ground Penetration 0.25m

UNDERLIFT Underlift Type Two Section Integrated
Power tilt and fold- Positive 12°
Power tilt and fold- Negative 18°
Underlift/towing rating with forks- Retracted 5987kg {5.987 tonnes)
Underlift/towing rating with forks- Extended 1996kg (1 966 tonnes)
I Centerline of rear axle to rear of tailboard 1.70m
J Reach with forks (rear of tailboard to centreline of forks)- Retracted 1.60m
K Reach with forks (rear of tailboard to centreline of forks)- Extended 3.26m
L Maximum Horizontal towing height with forks 1.15m
Hydraulic extension 1.66m

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